'How To Overcome Your Fear Of Singing'

A 3 part video series to get you singing confidently in no time!

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Lilli Badcock

Vocal Coach, Stage Fright Specialist & Transformational Confidence Coach

I help Singers and Speakers to build unshakeable confidence so that they can take to the stage and share their gifts and talents with the world with no fear. I also help anxiety sufferers to reduce stress and anxiety through Singing.

I believe that every single person is put on this earth for a reason but often anxiety shows up and prevents us from living our true purpose.

I have combined my years of experience as a Professional Singer and Vocal Coach with my natural ability to see the best in people to bring you my unique style of coaching – a combination of vocal and mindset techniques to help you find your voice both physically and metaphorically.

I will take you from feeling nervous, anxious and unsure to feeling motivated, confident and excited to perform!

Lilli Badcock has been a Professional Singer and Vocal Coach for over ten years.

She has performed across the UK in stage shows (to sellout audiences at Swansea Grand Theatre, The Mayflower and The London Palladium) and private functions (Weddings, Corporate Parties and Members Clubs).

As a Vocal Coach she has been the Director of her own Singing Group, Evolution since 2007 as well as running her private studio, which is based in Salisbury, England.

Lilli is currently the Principal of two branches of Starcast Performing Arts Schools in Salisbury and Amesbury.  She is also the Vocal Director at both schools and manages the Starcast Singing Company and Starcast Singing Troupe.

Lilli has previously worked with several groups including The Reason 4 who enjoyed some success of TV’s The X Factor back in 2009.  Lilli was responsible for writing all of the vocal arrangements for the group, something she considers a passion!

Lilli specialises in working with Singers and Speakers who suffer from stage fright or performance anxiety.  She combines her vast experience as a professional singer and Vocal Coach with her own experience of Anxiety to bring her clients a unique style of coaching which sees them not only soar on stage but in life as well!


But it turns out that teaching is actually my biggest passion of all!

Well, that and harmonies!

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching my students soar on stage and realising their potential…or in many cases exceeding it!  I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years who were letting fear stand in-between them and their greatest dreams.

I am passionate about helping my clients realise that they can achieve their goals and ambition and that nothing can stand in their way…not age, not fear, not anything!

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Be motivated, confident and excited to perform!

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