'How To THRIVE In Spite Of Anxiety'

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I see you.

I see you trying your best…

I know that whilst you feel anxious most of the time it’s not obvious to those around you because you are regarded as someone who is upbeat, positive and who “has it all together”.  I know that because of this you often feel quite isolated with your anxiety and wonder who to talk to about it for fear of looking weak in front of colleagues or worrying friends and family members.

I know you have learned to push it down and carry on regardless but you are aware that it’s always there…

…you wish it wasn’t.

You can go from feeling like you’re winning at life to wondering why you bother and who are you to do what you do anyway!

You will speak with apparent confidence whilst internally worrying if you’ve said or done the wrong thing…it’s exhausting!

You worry that you might pass your anxiety onto your children or that you will negatively impact the relationships in your life that matter most to you.

You don’t like taking meds, even though you can see that sometimes this is necessary.

Despite this you still light up when a great song plays on the radio.  Sometimes you sing along.  Sometimes you don’t.
Sometimes you dance like a child in the rain…
And sometimes you don’t…

I see you.

I see you smile when your kids are laughing together. I see your eyes that still light up when your husband talks to you and I know you wonder how he didn’t leave already.

I see you on your good days and bad and I want you to know something…

You’re not alone…
You ARE beautiful…
You DO matter…
You haven’t let anyone down…
You didn’t fail…
And you are perfect just as you are!

Sometimes you have it all together and sometimes you don’t…and that’s OK!

I see you…

…you’ve GOT this!

Lilli Badcock
Transformational Confidence Coach and Stage Fright Specialist

In 2013 I learned a lesson..

A ton of lessons actually!

I learned that Anxiety doesn’t just mean you worry about worrying things.
I learned that Anxiety can create physical symptoms (I blacked out whilst driving my car!).
I learned what a panic attack was.
I learned how to cope…and then to THRIVE!
I learned that we ALL have a purpose…a mission…and that if we can just tap into that calling and take that first brave step, we can achieve remarkable things!
I learned that we are NEVER alone!

And most of all I learned that we ALL have a calling. A mission. A purpose. And that my purpose is to help women just like me to learn how to THRIVE in spite of their anxiety.

You’re here because you KNOW there is more to life than feeling anxious and sad.
I’m here because I’m living PROOF that this is true!

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